The Details

“Aria Appleton shines like the sun” is a feature film, directed by Nathan D. Myers, now in post production. It is wholly unique in the faith and family genre. The film is campy, hilarious, quick-witted, and has six original songs that take us into the self-consumed mind of eleven year old , only child, Aria Appleton, (Sara Grace Prejean).

Aria, a trouble-making musical ‘diva,’ is trying desperately to get famous using her talents and utilizing technology like Youtube to make fun of others, bully, and try to make herself look better. When her negligent single-mom (Sara Slaughter Hughes) leaves town on a “business” cruise, Aria’s only option for temporary housing is to stay with an eccentric, home school family down the street who, ironically, are often the brunt of her bullying & jokes. After a lengthy stay with the Battlefields (who have six, internationally adopted children), Aria feels like a fish-out-of-water, AND following a madcap romp, a domino-effect of humorous, unintended consequences unfolds forcing Aria to face the music, admit to her manipulations and turn over a new leaf.


Aria Appleton completed Principle Photography in April 2015, and will remain in post production into early 2016. The actual completion date is yet unknown, but we’re moving fast!


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