Aria Appleton The Movie


Eleven year old, only child, Aria Appleton, (Sara Grace Prejean) a trouble-making musical ‘diva,’ is trying desperately to get famous using her talents and utilizing technology like Youtube to make fun of others, bully, and try to make herself look better. When her negligent single-mom (Sara Slaughter Hughes) leaves town on a “business” cruise, Aria’s only option for temporary housing is to stay with an eccentric, home school family down the street who, ironically, are often the brunt of her bullying & jokes. After a lengthy stay with the Battlefields (who have six, internationally adopted children), Aria feels like a fish-out-of-water, AND following a madcap romp, a domino-effect of humorous, unintended consequences unfolds forcing Aria to face the music, admit to her manipulations and turn over a new leaf.
Written by:  D’Lytha Myers, Nathan D. Myers and Jason Davidson.

Original music by Nathan D. Myers & Joe Burton with a  score from Nathan Whitehead.

Directed by Nathan D. Myers

Producers: Richard Brian Galyean, Danielle Wheeler, Matt Stevens, Jason Davidson, Aaron Tritten, Tyler Tritten, and Mollie Reeder.

The film is in the grand tradition of teen angst movies like Mean Girls and Diary of a Whimpy Kid BUT it packs a moral character building punch that most films of the genre avoid.


The film is currently in Post Production, meaning that principle photography is complete (as of April 2015) and the film is now being edited and scored.   This process will take a few months to complete — hopefully a little faster than your average film, simply because MUCH of the film’s original music was already complete prior to principle photography.


The film is NOT a traditional movie musical, but more of a movie with song and dance numbers and numerous soire’s off into Aria’s imagination where just about anything can happen, ala The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

We think you and your family with absolutely LOVE Aria Appleton’s snarky attitude and watching her learn the biggest lessons of her young life.

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