Grafted Studios, Inc. has developed a distribution app! Our first project to launch is Aria Appleton Shines! Currently the test version of the app is available through for devices BUT a fully functional version of the app is online through a web portal. If you’d like to subscribe, view freebies, AND purchase and view the movie through the web, you can do so AND still cast to devices from your computer.
Connect (

Until we appear on the Apple and Google Play stores, our app has limited functionality but you can still set up your account and view the freebies. However, if you unlock the film through the web portal and later download the app to your phone from Apple or Google Play, you can login with the same account, and just like on Netflix or Amazon Prime, the film or unlocked content will appear! Voila! Shortly, the app will appear live and fully functional on the Apple and Google Play stores for your added convenience making the web portal somewhat obsolete. For now, use the connect web link to set up an account and unlock content. All functions will be accessible there, and we’d love to hear from you if you find a bug. Keep in mind that weblink unlocked content is castable from your laptop to your Smart TV or other smart devices. Also, the unlock movie links are inside the Free Content pages.

To download the Passion app now:

1.) Scan the QR. Download and Open the app and search for Aria Appleton. This download is easy with the QR above as the QR will recognize your unique device.

2.) You can also visit the Apple. or Google Play store to download the app. (Soon you’ll be able to download the Aria Appleton App itself directly from Apple–still pending their approval).

3.) Subscribe to gain access to FREE content. Once we go live on the Apple and Google Play stores, you can unlock the movie and the soundtrack separately or purchase a combo within the app! Own both in the app and cast to the device or smart TV of your choice!

4.) Besides fun BTS videos and The Making of, enjoy fun memes, and our leader’s guide worksheets for Parents, Teachers, and Ministers.

5.) Additional merchandise like hoodies and stickers are currently only available through the website at our store. GRAFTED STUDIOS STORE