Aria Appleton is wholly unique in the faith and family genre and made with ours and your kids in mind.  The film is campy, hilarious, quick-witted moral tale, and has six original songs that take us into the self-consumed mind of eleven year old, only child, Aria Appleton, (Sara Grace Prejean).

Aria, a trouble-making musical ‘diva,’  is trying desperately to get famous using her talents and utilizing technology like Youtube to make fun of others, bully, and try to make herself look better. When her negligent single-mom (Sara Slaughter Hughes) leaves town on a “business” cruise, Aria’s only option for temporary housing is to stay with an eccentric, home school family down the street who, ironically, are often the brunt of her bullying & jokes. After a lengthy stay with the Battlefields (who have six, internationally adopted children), Aria feels like a fish-out-of-water, AND following a madcap romp, a domino-effect of humorous, unintended consequences unfolds forcing Aria to face the music, admit to her manipulations and turn over a new leaf.

“Aria Appleton shines like the sun was developed by Grafted Studios, inc. and Directed by Nathan D. Myers.  Post Production was complete in January 2017, however, the film screened as a showcase film at the Lonestar Film Festival in Fort Worth, Texas in November 2016 — a sneak peek of our work.  Though we’ve had a number of distribution offers in 2017-19, The film is expected to ‘release’ sometime in 2019-2020.  The film has been nominated for Best Director of a Feature and Best Lead Actress in a Feature at the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando Florida and screened in May 2017. The film was also an official selection of the Canadian Faith and Family Film Festival, The Utah Film Festival (Nom. Best Sound) and more. In 2019, Aria Appleton was an official nominee selection of Content 19 Film and Media Summit in DFW. (Best Narrative Feature, best Special Effects, Best Use of Sound) WINNER:  Best SFX.

Aria Appleton is a six time nominee, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Leading Actress at the Hollywood Divine Film Festival in Camp Hill, PA.

We’ve gotten great response from girls, boys, Moms, Grandparents, and Dads. Aria Appleton has something for everyone.   Please visit our Press Room page for more news and our Facebook blog.


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Notable Cast:  Sara Grace Prejean, Christine Galyean, Sarah Slaughter Hughes, Nathan D. Myers, D’Lytha Myers, Stephen Newton, Julie K. Rhodes,  and more!

Notable Crew:  Director: Nathan D. Myers , Producers: D’Lytha Myers, Jason Davidson, Mollie E. Reeder, Richard Brian Galyean, Danielle Wheeler, Aaron Tritten.   DP: Dean Davis  Supervising Editor:  Mollie Reeder  Composer:  Nathan Whitehead   VFX:  Isaac Woodby, Tyler Tritten, and Jasmine Gomez  Post Sound:  Ariel Media Services, Brett Ardiel.